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In order for the Food Processing sector to work efficiently, be competitive in the international market, produce safe quality products accepted worldwide, it becomes inevitable that sooner or later the Indian food processing sector adopts the integrated approach through the entire food supply chain which involves farmers, traders, food processors, distributors and retail stores. In light of India being a member of WTO, the agriculture and food processing sector will have to view this seriously as otherwise we will have the threat of agricultural commodities as well as food products imported from other countries into India in a big way which means that our farmers, food processing industries and others in the chain will be seriously hit.  An integrated approach to the food supply chain will help overcome the various drawbacks in the present system and provide benefits and impetus for a healthy growth of the agri-processed food sector
  Highlight of Food Park

A State-of-Art Food Park with general infrastructure as well as specialized facilities required for food processing and allied industry

Provide backward linkage support through contract farming and cost effective sourcing arrangement 

Make available infrastructure and services at reasonable costs to the entrepreneurs and  industry which will help in establishing viable businesses

Establish and Manage the Food Park in a professional manner and on a viable business model

Facilitate integration of the key players of the food sector for building in competitiveness both in domestic as well as international trade

Establish bulk storage and primary processing facilities