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Established in the year 2005, GIFT is dedicated to providing marketing solutions to agriculture and food projects. A company under the flag ship of integrated agri business model called GIIFTOP (Green India Integrated food technology Operations projects) which provides end-to-end solutions in food supply chain
To establish and nurture a world-class organization for the worldwide marketing of a large variety of agricultural produce and processed food products, by strict adherence to ecologically effective, farmer friendly and consumer compatible approaches
  Why GIF
  • Integration of the entire food supply chain is the only answer to overcome the existing problems of inconsistency in supply, quality and price. Integration is the only instrument to make Indian agriculture and food processing globally competitive. GIFT being a group company under GIIFTOP Model, understands the importance of integrated approach for efficient food supply chain Management.
  • GIFT markets products & services such as Infrastructure to Farmers/Traders/Wholesalers/Industrialists/retailers, Resource planning solutions for Food industries, Food engineering consultancy services, Research & development services, Food safety management services, Commodity sourcing services, Farm mechanization services, product development & packaging services, Market intelligence services, Financial aid from various sources for fund mobilization, etc. 
  • GIFT is an active part of the “Integrated, Food Technology Operations Project” whose mission is to integrate the various activities, viz, Production (by contract farming), Processing (by scientific grading of produce and further value addition), Infrastructure building (by establishment of Food Parks in various agro climatic locales), Supply Chain Management (by scientific logistic endeavors), and Marketing (by establishing a global network for food products marketing).
  • GIFT has conceptualized to establish “Integrated Food Trading Parks” (IFTP) in several potential market centers across the country and globe. Each IFTP will be a marketing hub for a whole range of food products, agri–commodities, horticultural produce and their value added products to be marketed at several levels of the marketing hierarchy – Food Processors, Government agencies, Retail chains, Wholesalers and Traders.
  • GIFT understands the importance of Agri & food in the coming years & also the potential for farmers produce, “no matter what grade they are, they fit into some stake holders requirement” in the Food supply chain. GIFT provides facility & services to each of it’s stake holders, thus, strengthening the supply chain & the taking the integrated business model approach.